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Selling Your home


Why sell with me?

Because I will help you get top dollar for your home and here is how:

  • Professional  home evaluation.  I will spend time speaking with you about your home,  it's history, what you love and what you don't.  We will look together  at the neighborhood, the current market trends and come up with the best  plan to make sure your home is the one everyone wants.
  • Professional  photographs and staging.  Professional photos and videos make all of  the difference.  
  • Open Houses.  These are so important and I do them right with advertisement and refreshments.
  • Advertising.   I advertise your home for sale, not just on the MLS, but on social  media and websites too.  I have 20+ years of digital marketing  experience and I know how to reach today's buyers.
  • FREE home warranty for your buyers.


Need Renovations?

  Need  to do some renovations to your home before you sell to get TOP DOLLAR?  You can now PAY AT SETTLEMENT for pre-sale home repairs, renovations,  and staging. This is a game-changer. Renovating first will mean more  money for your home and fewer days on the market.  Kitchens, baths,  roofing, landscaping, HVAC, appliances -- we do it all. Estimates are  always free and all work is guaranteed.  There’s never a deposit, income  or credit score requirement, or finance charge. Whether a home sells in  three days or three months, the cost to the seller is the same. No  catch.  


Ready to Get Started?

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